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Quotations are provided via FAX or Email usually within 24 Hours on ALL heating blankets, whether standard configuration or custom design. You may call us for a quote or to place an order. If you prefer, please fill out the form below and we will respond ASAP.

Terms and conditions with an open account: Net 30 days.

Volume Discounts are provided in the following cases: End User Quantity Purchase Orders, System Integrators and Distributors.

Before using our online order form, please review the "Design Guidelines" page to help you gather the information that will be needed to complete the form.

To place an order or request for quote, it is helpful for us to have some basic information and application parameters defined. Please fill in the appropriate information in the form below. This form will accommodate entries for up to 10 different heating blankets. If you need to enter information for more than 10 different heating blankets, please contact Michaels Enterprises Inc. by phone, fax or email.

Note that all form fields labeled "(Required)" must be filled in or the form cannot be submitted.

Press the SUBMIT button at the bottom of this form when you have completed it. You may want to print this form for your records before sending it.

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What is the heating blanket going to be used for?

Request Specifications

Using the table below, please answer the following questions to allow us to make the heater(s) to your specifications. If heater(s) require multiple Zones or multiple Watt densities, please specify in the "Specifications Remarks" box below. If a sketch or drawing is available please provide via fax or email.

  • What is the Heater Part Number? -or- (p/n or dimensions are required)
  • What are the Dimensions of the heating blanket? (length x width or diameter if circular)
  • What Voltage will be specified? (6 volts to 480 volts) (Optional)
  • Single or three Phase? (Optional)
  • Will the heater require Grounded Layers?
  • What Wattage will be specified? (Optional)
  • At what Temperature will the heating blanket be operated?
  • What scale will be used to specify the heating blanket operating temperature?
  • What Quantity of heating blankets are needed? (Optional)
  Heater Part Number or Dimensions Voltage Phase Grounded Layer Total Watts Temp Qty.
Heater 1
Heater 2
Heater 3
Heater 4
Heater 5
Heater 6
Heater 7
Heater 8
Heater 9
Heater 10
Specification Remarks:
Do you need an integrally installed thermostat?

If preset thermostat, indicate temperature in C or F, and which heating blanket(s) (use Heater #) will require a thermostat, and thermostat location, in the 'Thermostat Remarks' box below for each heater.

Thermostats are available in 10 degree increments between 60 °F and 450 °F.

Thermostat Remarks:

Will you need a thermocouple wire attached to the heaters? If so, specify in 'Thermocouple Remarks' what type and length for each heater # and where the tip will be located? (Required)
Thermocouple Remarks:
Do you need any type of fastening devices? Please use the 'Fasteners Remarks' box if additional explanation is required. (Required)
Where should the fastening devices be attached? (Required)
On long dimension of heater
On short dimension of heater
Fasteners Remarks:
What type of lead wire will be required? If not all heaters will require the same lead wire, please explain in 'Lead Wire Remarks' box below (Required)

What length of lead wire will be required? (Required)
Where do you want the lead wires to exit? (Required)

Lead Wire Remarks:
Do you need an exit tab? An exit tab extends off one edge of the blanket to eliminate a bulge on the working surface where the soldered lead wires exit the blanket. (Required)

For Exit Tab Photo, Click Here.

If so, where should the exit tab be placed? If not all heaters will require the exit tab in the same location, please explain in 'Exit Tab Remarks' box below.


Exit Tab Remarks:
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