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Custom Silicone Heaters Manufacturing for Industrial Parts & Equipment Applications

Industrial Parts & Equipment Application of Custom Silicone Heaters
Industrial Parts & Equipment Application of Custom Silicone Heaters

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We manufacture heaters for industrial customers to incorporate heat into their process, in order to produce industrial parts and equipment. Our heaters provide the needed heat source for softening PVC and other plastic materials to achieve malleability for our customer's processing requirements.

We were contacted by a customer to assist them in designing a heat source for a fast moving assembly line process for making custom plastic parts. The customer was familiar with silicone rubber heaters, but had had problems with unacceptable wear and premature failure of the heating pads. We worked with the customer to identify the design that they needed and to locate where the failures were occurring on the heating pads. We were able to create a new pattern layout design and heater construction, that better suited the use and wear exposure of the heaters.

After trying the new design the customer informed us that the heaters performed better and were lasting much longer than the previous source of heaters they had been using on the manufacturing line. We continue to make this design in various sizes for this long-time customer.

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