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Custom Manufacturing of Heating Blankets for Presses Used in the Sports Equipment Industry

Sports Equipment Application of Custom Heat Source Presses
Sports Equipment Application of Custom Heat Source Presses

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We work with manufacturers of snowboards, skis and other types of sports equipment to provide the ideal heat source for presses that heat and compress the composite materials in order to cure the structures for carbon fiber boards, skis and epoxy resin laminations.

We were approached by a sports equipment manufacturer to help develop a press for the manufacturing of snowboards. We talked with the equipment maker to identify the type of power available, the maximum amperage allowed, the temperature needed and the control mechanism for the process.

After speaking with the company representative it became clear that they had had problems in the past with heat loss and uneven curing on older equipment that they wanted to address with the new design. We suggested powder densification in the areas of heat loss, and designed an appropriate custom heater for their particular need. We worked with the customer to prototype before moving into volume production. The custom design worked well to address their concerns and minimize thermal uniformity issues during the resin curing process. This customer has purchased many more units since our collaborative design effort.

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