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Design Guidelines

Before placing an order it is helpful to have some basic information and application parameters defined. If you already have a heater part number, please include with your order.

Design Guidelines
Design Guidelines

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  1. What is the heating blanket going to be used for?
  2. What heating blanket dimensions do you require for the area you desire to have heated?(Length x Width if rectangular, Diameter or Circumference if band style heater, Diameter if circular heater is desired)
  3. What voltage will you be using? (6 volt single phase to 480 volt three phase)
  4. What wattage will be specified? (total watts or watts per square inch)
  5. Will you need a thermocouple wire attached to the heater? If so, what type and length, and where do you want the tip?
  6. At what temperature will the heating blanket be operated?
  7. Do you wish to have an integrally installed thermostat? (If preset, what temperature?)
  8. Do you need any type of fastening device? (Velcro, grommets, snaps, PSAS, RTV...)
  9. What type of lead wire, what length will be required, and where do you want the exit point on the surface of the blanket?
  10. Do you need an exit tab? (A tab extends off one edge of the blanket to eliminate a bulge on the working surface where the soldered lead wires exit the blanket. A bulge can cause a problem if the blanket is applied under a part that does not have clearance or will be sandwiched between two pieces of material.)

Our Guarantee:

Our product will function as designed (i.e. correct watts, volts, resistance, etc...) when delivered to our customer, or it will be replaced if an error has been made in the manufacturing process. Any product replacement guarantee after our heating blankets have been in service will be on a case by case basis, since we have no control over how our product is being applied. Product replacement does not cover obvious abuse or improper application. If there is anything about the operation of our product that is not clear to the customer, or you are not sure what would be the best solution for your particular situation, there is a helpful technical support staff on hand to answer your questions and to help you make the best choice for your needs.