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Custom Manufacturing of Flexible Heating Blankets for Aerospace Applications

Aerospace Application of Custom Flexible Heating Blankets
Aerospace Application of Custom Flexible Heating Blankets

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We were approached by an aircraft repair facility to custom manufacture flexible heating blankets to meet close tolerance specifications for carbon fiber composite repairs. Our customer contacted us and provided the specifications for the damaged areas of the aircraft that they wanted heated in order to conduct the repairs.

We asked for additional details to ensure that we had all the information needed to provide an accurate price quotation. Once the purchase order was placed, we designed and manufactured the heaters to cover the areas required by the customer’s specifications. We spoke with the customer to ensure that the proper wattage, voltage and layout necessary for the repairs were achieved. We communicated with the customer’s engineering team to ensure that all areas of repair received the desired amount of heat for the composite repairs. The various shapes of the heaters needed to avoid obstacles, but still provide uniform heat across the entire surface of the heating blankets, in order to facilitate a consistent resin cure and high quality aircraft repair.

At the end of the project we had designed and manufactured numerous heaters of various sizes and shapes that provided the variety of solutions needed to accomplish the aircraft repair job.

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