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Aerospace Composite Structures

Aerospace Application of Custom Flexible Heating Blankets
Aerospace Application of Custom Flexible Heating Blankets

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Many of today's leading aerospace companies rely on Michaels Enterprises for top-of-the-line, highly customized solutions. Our team develops customized heating solutions that have broad uses across the aerospace sector.

Silicone rubber heaters are used in various structures and components to support curing operations or other heating needs. They may also be used to facilitate the warming of electrical components in space applications. These heaters are typically constructed from copper-nickel and nickel-chrome alloy wire wound around a Kevlar thread core and are sandwiched between layers of fiberglass-reinforced silicone rubber. Measuring about 0.056" in thickness, silicone rubber heaters up to 37" x 143" can be produced without seams or splicing.

They're available in single- or multi-zone varieties, with voltages ranging from 6V single-phase to 480V three-phase, and with numerous temperature control options are offered—including thermostats, thermal switches, and thermocouples. Attachment options include Velcro®, grommets, mechanical fasteners, and pressure-sensitive adhesives.

The Problem

Our customer-a major aerospace manufacturer and private space transportation services provider-reached out to Michaels Enterprises in need of custom-manufactured flexible heating blankets.

We're proud to be an industry-leading source for custom-designed silicone rubber heaters, and this is what our client needed to facilitate the curing of new aerospace composites designed for use in outer space. We frequently provide these products to the aerospace sector to support the launch of new products and aircraft, and to support the repair of existing aerospace parts and components.

The Solution

Our team carefully analyzed the customers' specifications and guided the job from start to finish. Once we received the specifications from the customer, our engineers and other skilled team members worked to achieve ultimate form, fit, and function.

In this case, we custom-designed a silicone rubber heater that could be used to cure prepreg carbon fiber.The client was very pleased with the results and was especially impressed with our teams' close attention to detail throughout every step of the project.

Aerospace Heating Solutions from Michaels Enterprises

At Michaels Enterprises, our skilled engineers work closely with our partners' engineering team before a product is turned over to procurement staff. Our larger competitors usually bypass this crucial step, and just have sales agents talk to procurement at the beginning of the project. This means important details and innovative solutions are often overlooked.

With a lead time as short as three weeks and rush delivery available, clients can rest assured that they’ll receive their products in a timely manner—every time, for every project. Our prices are also very competitive, especially for custom-made products, and quality is guaranteed. Interested in working with Michaels Enterprises on your next aerospace project? Request a quote today.

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