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Custom Silicone Rubber Heaters Manufacturing for Industrial Equipment Applications

Industrial Equipment Application of Custom Silicone Rubber Heaters
Industrial Equipment Application of Custom Silicone Rubber Heaters

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We assisted our customer's engineering team to develop heating blanket specifications in order to be imbedded into an industrial piece of equipment for melting and processing wax. We made various heat sources in single and three phase designs in single and multi-zone configurations.

The heaters needed to have holes and cutout areas to bolt into place and also avoid obstructions. The heaters had to produce enough heat to evenly melt the product without over-temping the heater or the bulk wax material. We designed the prototype to require the minimum amp draw but also to produce sufficient heat to achieve the needed process temperature.

After several design prototypes the customer was happy with the outcome and proceeded to purchase several of the new design and requested that we assist them in redesigning the heating source for their entire equipment line.

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